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Richard Kusiolek

As a pioneer technology entrepreneur working in Northern California's Silicon Valley, Mr. Kusiolek interfaced with Mid- to senior-level managers with management responsibility for the IT function of an organization. Richard acquired hands-on technical and management experiences in businesses with both a mainframe/host-centric and a personal computer information technology environment. He expanded his technical expertise in the following areas of Satellite and Mobility broadband communication networks, advanced server-based Digital Surveillance Systems, Network Architecture, and Advanced Network Security. Vertical or Industry segments that Richard is familiar with are: Aerospace and Defense (A&D), Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Electronics/High-Tech, Energy, Financial Institutions, Health Care, Public Sector/Government, Publishing/Media, Retail, Service Provider, Telecommunications, and Warehousing/Distribution. Functional areas: Business Intelligence (BI), Call center/field service, Customer service and support, Human resources, Inventory management, Marketing management, Process Manufacturing management, Product life cycle management, and Workflow.

Mr. Kusiolek is an experienced and highly accomplished IT PROFESSIONAL, GLOBAL BUSINESS DEVELOPER, COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT, and a STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT executive with a record of accomplishments in business and channel development, brand equity management, product/market research, start-up entrepreneurship, global business, marketing, and communications. Richard is an active thinker of strategic development revenue opportunities for an organization to ensure its continual growth. Richard works to motivate multiple parties to move forward towards agreed to objectives. Mr. Kusiolek is a seasoned leader who knows the techniques to ensure that an organization meets its mission and objectives.


Specific Achievements:

  • An early visionary of space related technologies in Northern California’s Silicon Valley designing Digital Battlefields, Digital Broadband Cities, Solar Space Networks, and PowerCom® Commercial Parks.
  • Patent holder for a high-speed cable modem.
  • Silicon Valley California entrepreneurship start-up wireless technology experiences.
  • Senior Consultant for Asia-Pacific’s National Aerospace/Aviation Manufacturing Programs.
  • Contributor to the White House Report of the National Energy Policy Development Group.
  • Researcher and writer on space-based networks, Cyber warfare, & ITAR technology laws.
  • Senior-level positions in the areas of Business Development and Marketing Management at a number of Information Technology and Professional Services companies such as Computer Associates, (BMC) Boole & Babbage, Honeywell, and Exodus - Internet Data Centers, in which he developed and managed business services projects that required people, process, and technology.
  • Certified professional in physical high-security and host-based surveillance systems.


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GMCStream, a Delaware LLC -is an American Veteran Owned print and digital publication that tracks the trends, drivers, and technologies that fuel the Aerospace and Defense communication sectors. Established in 2013 as a technology driven digital on-line publishing organization - We research, analyze, and highlight MILCOM problems and solutions that may affect Global National Security.

GMCStream based in Raleigh NC High-tech Triangle with Management and Support staff in Silicon Valley California. GMCStream was founded by Richard Theodor Kusiolek, an expert in Satellite Communications, Cyber Security, Defense, and Aerospace platforms with private sector experience and expertise in international business development and strategy, particularly in America, China, Japan, Ukraine, and Russia. The company is growing organically into a specialized niche media and technology company providing real-time streaming face-to-face video interviews and coverage on a variety of topics including Government Policy, Space and Missile systems, cyber-warfare, Defense Networks. Artificial Intelligence, STEM career webinars, and Moon-Mars explorations.