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Richard KusiolekRichard Kusiolek FOUNDER & EDITOR
Richard had participated in the Defense telecommunication transition as a key member of the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Space/Defense Consortium, and in the Stanford University Defense Military Conversion Programs. As an adjunct Graduate Business School Professor, Kusiolek proposed to President Clinton's Administration and Governor Pete Wilson's Administration the first "High Technology City" for California's Silicon Valley. Richard was an active member of the Wireless Alliance, and as a participant in the Canadian Ministry's Inter-Regional Collaboration on Telecommunications Technology. Mr. Kusiolek has provided consulting insights to the US Defense Department on Asian Aerospace and Satellite systems. As a press correspondent for Via Satellite, APSCC, and UK Evolution Groups (Asia, Europe, and Military Defense), Richard has written extensively on International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), VSAT networks and applications, and Space and Terrestrial Hybrid networks.

Kusiolek has been a guest lecturer on several areas of expertise; namely, Supply Chain Management, GPS, New Product Development, Strategic Marketing Management, Global Management, Mobile Deployable Communications, and Internet Technology applications at several California State Universities and the University of Phoenix. Mr. Kusiolek holds a cable modem technology patent. Richard lives in Mountain View, Silicon Valley California.


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GMCstream is a streaming digital publication that tracks the trends, drivers, and technology that fuel the military communications and A&D sectors. Communications continue to be the lynchpin of modern warfare and are crucial to any military campaign. The sector is going through unprecedented change as militaries and governments across the world move towards a network centric approach to their communications. From operations in war zones to homeland security and disaster recovery operations, GMCstream provides the latest communications developments on sea, air, land, and space. This new Military Communications on-line publication will showcase the new generations of defense related broadband networks, the deployment of seamless wireless networks, and a new reinvigorated US and European Defense Military IT infrastructure. Advanced communications technologies and trends will provide the subscriber with a clear understanding of current and future programs that affect their business and organizational models. GMCstream provides high-level research with analysis, highlights problems that affect the National Security of a Nation. This on-line real-time decision making data will minimize risk, improve profits, and increase revenue. GMCstream featured topics are Cyber Security Networks, Cyber Defense and Security, Legislative Insights, Mobility Communications for the Warfighter, Optimizing secure data communications, and High-resolution security imaging. In addition, GMCstream will feature topics that will change decision making within the top and secondary tier of European, Asian and US (A&D) companies.



Features GMC-stream Program 2019-2020

Issue 1 - March/April 2019 
Feature: Commercially Hosted Gov Payloads
Cyber Defense & Security
FAA and Drones
Product Showcase: Mobility 5G mmWave antennas
Legislative Insights: Russian Military Capabilities
Issue 4 -September/Oct 2019 
Special Feature: AI Revolution
Long-Range Strike Bombers
USN – Anti Submarine Warfare
Commercial Space -SpaceX
Product Showcase: KC-46A
Legislative Insights: NASA Funding
Issue 2 - May/June 2019
Feature: Rocket Lab Startup
U.S. Military Readiness
U.S. Aerospace & DOD Supply Chains
US Army Combat Deployable Networks
Product Showcase:5G and Sat Spectrum
Legislative Insights: U.S. House DoD Funding
Issue 5 - November/December 2019
Special Feature: Japan’s Lunar Landing
DoD’s Cloud-Based Security
Hypersonic Missile Technology
Product Feature:AESA Radars
Legislative Insights: ITAR
Issue 3 - July/August 2019
Special Feature: Blue Origin
NATO’s Collective Defense
Electronic Warfare (EW)
Iran’s Jet Fighter
Product Showcase: Missile Guidance
Legislative Insights: Russian Sanctions
Issue 6 - January/February 2019
Special Feature: PLA Special Ops
China’s Military SAT & Space
China’s Ministry of State Security
Israel’s Missile Detection Tech
Product Feature: Sikorsky UH-60
Legislative Insights: STEM



Each digital issue will include regular features including: Comment/Analysis (Legislative Insights); News Review; Product Showcase; Special Features; and Q&As
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About GMCstream

GMCStream, a Delaware LLC -is an American Veteran Owned print and digital publication that tracks the trends, drivers, and technologies that fuel the Aerospace and Defense communication sectors. Established in 2013 as a technology driven digital on-line publishing organization - We research, analyze, and highlight MILCOM problems and solutions that may affect Global National Security.

GMCStream based in Raleigh NC High-tech Triangle with Management and Support staff in Silicon Valley California. GMCStream was founded by Richard Theodor Kusiolek, an expert in Satellite Communications, Cyber Security, Defense, and Aerospace platforms with private sector experience and expertise in international business development and strategy, particularly in America, China, Japan, Ukraine, and Russia. The company is growing organically into a specialized niche media and technology company providing real-time streaming face-to-face video interviews and coverage on a variety of topics including Government Policy, Space and Missile systems, cyber-warfare, Defense Networks. Artificial Intelligence, STEM career webinars, and Moon-Mars explorations.