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The Fact

"A date which will live in infamy" 

On the early morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941, the sneak attack of Pearl Harbor was intended as a preventive action in order to keep the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions the Empire of Japan was planning in Southeast Asia against overseas territories of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States.The attack was an initial shock to all the Allies in the Pacific Theater. Further losses compounded the alarming setback.

Are the Baltic and Middle East Wars for Massive U.S. Defense Increases?

In 2012, President Barak Obama spoke in his Chicago NATO Summit opening remarks that an additional 32 nations had sent delegates to the May 20-21 2012 Chicago Summit, which resulted in sixty nations attending the Summit.  The agenda of the meeting was set to resolve the key issues of a 10-year orderly retreat from Afghanistan; “Smart Defense”; Connected Forces Initiative (CFI); NATO’s Ballistic Missiles Defense (BMD); and how to pay for all of the twenty-two NATO projects at a time of global economic austerity, deficits, and mounting unemployment.

Why go into space for commercial reasons?  It might have been clear from 1956 to 1969, however today many are skeptical and question the economic drivers?  So far all the satellite and robotic probes have shown no other civilization exist in this Galaxy except planet Earth.

Ancient War Machines

Since the beginning of warfare, military planners and generals dreamed of engineered machines to destroy military enemies first before they could inflict any destruction upon their own military forces.

How can mobile networking solutions improve situational awareness and command and control capability for Global Defense Forces? Since the late 1990s, the role of communication-networked systems has evolved and the importance of delivering the right capability is essential in both civilian and military applications. 

A Perspective

Could there be two types of battlefield wars?  One is the traditional battlefield with sovereign state armies engaging in land, sea, air, and space battles; and the other is the non-conventional battlefields, which are guerrilla in nature using small arms, IEDs, and suicide bombers. 

Its heritage dates back to the very dawn of the space race and today the Defense Advanced Projects Agency is at the very core of cutting edge military technology development. Richard Kusiolek looks back at DARPA's roots, it's relationship with private industry and its extraordinary work in the development of tomorrow's battlefield technology.

The STP-SIV program represents a great forward in terms of technological advancements for the US Air Force. Evolving from a need to make available a cost-effective, standart satellite model, able to accomodate a range of payloads for the US DoD, the STP-SIV program is providing to be highly successful and could rapidly speed up access to new technologies. GMC looks at the background to the program and speaks to a US Air Force spokesperson from the Space Development and Test Directorate to find out more.

For many years, US defence contractors complained about the arcane governmental rules and regulation as clear obstracles that made overall profitable operations difficult. The first question from the US Aerospace and Defense A&D Industry is; namely, have the export reforms that the Industry requested to grow their market share and revenye, secured sensitive US Technology? Richard Kusiolek reports.

In this edition of Legislative Realities, Richard Kusiolek looks at the effect that the events of 9/11 have had on US national security legislation.

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