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The People’s Liberation Army celebrated its 93rd anniversary on August 1, 2020. CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping stated at the ceremony that he wants the PLA to become a world-class military to further China’s political and economic power beyond the shores of 1.4 billion Chinese. It is the dream that by 2035 will complete its modernization efforts: namely ballistic and conventional missiles “alongside a suite of advanced cyber, space, and electronic warfare capabilities." (i.e. the rational of building their own GPS space satellites that can create a space network Command and Control system that is highly secured. In addition, the PLA has shown that it can use missiles to shoot down USAF military satellites as well as maneuvering robot satellites that can move out of orbit to tap into global satellites or to destroy them.)

The US is doing its best under a Trump Administration that has invested heavily in the NDS (National Defense Strategy) to create a high technology weapon system across air, sea, land, space, and cyberspace. The DoD is putting all its national security defense eggs into the technology basket containing Hypersonic weapons, 5G networks, integrated air and missile defense, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Will this be enough?

Already the PLA has created a bridgehead in California’s Silicon a bastion of Democratic Party Diversity Human Resource agenda that included hundred of PLA agents working as “software and hardware” engineers. Those actions created a steady stream of stolen technology. The Universities of the USA also gave large research grants to PLA agents who worked under-cover for many years stealing high technology in AI, Nano Sciences, propulsion systems, satellite sensing technology, and USA military research. That all started under President Clinton, Bush, and Obama. They all smiled and that it was good as it promoted China’s as a Democracy.

America is now playing catch-up as our leaders made millions and sold out our National Security. The Pentagon is now urging Australia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines to join into a mutual defense strategy. China has already built forward air bases 100 miles from their shores. CCP has shown that have no hesitation in sinking Vietnamese fishing boats or harassing Malaysian oil and gas sea development projects. Forces of the USA military may not be able to stop the PLA as the USA Treasury borrows dollars from China and Walmart only accepts exports from manufactures in China.

USA Population 331, 000,000 Defense Budget $750,000,000,000.

AirFoces: Total 13,264 Fighters 2,085 Attack 715 Transport 945 Trainers 2,643

Special- Ops 742 Helicopters 5,768 Attack Helicopters 967

LandForces: Personnel 2,260,000 Active 1,400,000 Reserve 860,000

Land Systems: Tanks 6,289 Armed Vehicles 39,253 Self-Propelled Artillery 1,465

Towed Artillery 2,740 SAM-Rockets 1,366

Navy: Total Ships 490 Aircraft Carries 20 Destroyers 91

Corvettes 19 Submarines 66 Patrol 13 Mine sweepers 11

Nuclear 6,185 Deployed 1,600

Space: Unknown

Hyperspace: Unknown

China Population 1.44 billion Defense Budget $210,000,000,000.

AirForces: Total 4,500 Fighters 1,670 (J-20, SU-30 MKK, SU-27, SU-35, J-10, J-15)

Helicopters 1,000

LandForces: Personnel 2,400,000 Reserves 500,000

Land System: Tanks 7,000 Infantry Vehicles 3,500 APCs 4,000 SPA 1,700

Rocket launchers 1,770

Navy: Total 700 Aircraft Carriers -2 No Helicopter carriers

Cruisers 0 Destroyers 36 Submarines 75 (20 Nuclear)

Frigates 52 Corvettes 50

Nuclear: 296

Space: Unknown

Hyperspac: Unknown

China’s PLA's Soviet Style Marxism doctrine will not stop attacking USA as an Economic & Military Global Power

According to Defense experts, “China’s military reserve forces will be brought under the “Centralized and unified command” of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Central Military Commission (CMC) from 1 July, the state-owned Xinhua News Agency. Noting that reserve forces are “an important part” of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), the CPC’s Central Committee said the adjustment in the leadership structure is aimed at “upholding the party’s absolute leadership over the army and building a strong military in the new era”-

The Chinese continue to use their agents and attacking the databases of Boeing and Lockheed Martin to steal Technology without paying for patents or payments. This has been the major approach of the CCP as Party Leaders used the “Democracy partnership” with Democratic Administrations to use propaganda and financial rewards to leap-frog USA advanced military research within the USA Defense Industrial Complex. What is always amazing to me, that USA intel agencies became very political under President Clinton and Obama as it was alleged their party received funding through DC Law firms and DNC sponsored 501c3s. However, that is might be pure conjecture.

In conclusion, Mark Esper, the U.S. Defense Secretary under the Trump Administration wrote, “ Nations valuing freedom, human rights, and the rule of law must stand together to counter the coercive role of the PLA in the Chinese Communist Party’s aggressive attempts to undermine the sovereignty of nations.” After living and traveling to China for six years as a co-producer of the Beijing Satellite Conference and Xian Air Industry, USA major Defense contractors CEOs’ went to China and provided the military platforms to transform the PLA into a formidable threat to 2020 America. As my recent Novel demonstrates, “Man of Seven Shadows”, the search for truth was my quest to reveal the truth about Oligarchs in America who sought big contracts in China, but those bureaucrats in the DoD looked at my field work as unworthy to be transmitted to the DoD higher officials. So, we can see the consequences of their bureaucratic desire to “not rattle the boat” as the DoD Iraq War under President Bush and not the PLA's spying that was going on in USA Universities and Silicon Valley was a greater priority. So today, America is under a major threat from an aggressive, and sinister CCP.

“A Nihilist is a person who does not take any principle for granted however much that principle may be revered.” – Ivan Turgenev

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