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GMC Stream (MILCOMM) Report on Artificial Intelligence -March 2022

Is AI the answer for the USA’s leading War advantage?

Military Applications

It was only three years ago that the U.S. Department of Defense, embraced artificial intelligence. The Department is a lengthy process of establishing a Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to unify research efforts across its Land, Sea, Air, and Space services.

The budget $927 million for new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.The DOD document reads “AI is rapidly changing a wide range of businesses and industries,” It is also poised to change the character of the future battlefield and the pace of threats we must face.”

Since 2008, AI has been on the minds of software developers and Silicon Valley. Finally, DOD leaders confess “artificial intelligence playing an ever-more-important role in everything from logistics, cyber defense and command and control real time battlefield decision making From flying planes to finding targets, artificial intelligence might help But the Agency and the Military forces do not have trained programmers. There are also practical and strategic questions. How do you trust the data that is behind the AI result? Where is the DATA coming from intelligence satellites and do you have the meshed network in place to package the data for immediate command and control on the battlefield? Enlistment of truly educated personnel to be operators is clearly lacking. The pay is low, and the military has a difficult time to keep enlistments to retirement. The Department of Defense is struggling to modernize.

The US Defense Department will need to work with the Silicon Valley Software VCs and firms that helped China modernize and develop their AI capabilities. “On February 12, 2022, Dana Deasy, chief information officer of the Defense Department, and Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, who runs its new Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, said the JAIC will develop AI tools and programs to assist with everything the Pentagon does. That will eventually include combat operations, although both said the military won’t deviate from its core doctrine that dictates how humans are to have authority over autonomous systems.”

The DOD wants AI to better spot network anomalies that can indicate cyber-attacks, and, most prominently, predictive air platform maintenance, but contracted firms are already working on. One such firm is “Uptake, run by GE alum Ganesh Bell, which has a contract with the Defense Innovation Unit to better predict and accelerate repairs for Bradley Fighting Vehicles. The company is building a virtual Bradley, using data streams from sensors on real Bradleys’ in the field — what Bell has called a learning, digital twin. “We are able to collect what the best-performing Bradley would look like because we are able to go into many of the subsystems and pull the data,” he said. “Just from a single vehicle, we were able to pull terabytes of data.” The key is “external sensors that can send data to duplicate the vehicle’s operating environments.”

The US Military is doing more collaboration with Defense companies such as Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon for NEXTGEN ISR and Precision Strike and open Architecture that is easy to attack and to render inoperable. To speed up the introduction of new configuration quickly to meet new technology threats, the view of experts is to use existing platforms such as the F-16 and to move towards modularity. The vision is that of a puzzle where technology can move and new technology inserts. – An interesting concept but what of the test that is needed before air and space platforms are launched with live crews?

How can the greatest military in the world have a tactical edge in Data, Networks, High Bandwidth, AI, and Sensor when those very technologies where jointly invested and developed in China by the Silicon Valley firms? This has bothered me for some time. US Military has gone down this road of “COTS” now repackaged as “open architecture” that both none Defense companies and Defense companies can collaborate on. In other words, open and non-secure


T7 Manufacturing Program for the USAF is a digital method by Boeing to design and build the T-7 Trainer are saving time, simplifying processes, improving quality, and cutting down on defects, company officials told reporters. “Everything’s in 3D, everything’s digital,” Boeing vice president and T-7 program manager Paul Niewald said. “It’s an authoritative source of data. So, our technical publications, our flight manuals, our service manuals, they all use the same data that the engineers are using, that our mechanics are using to build the airplane.” The idea is to use an existing platform in a modularity environment using AI and systems to systems process. The “cost of the T7 Hawk is $9.2 billion and would be paid to Boeing if the USAF took all of the options that would allow it to buy more aircraft at a quicker pace, purchasing all 475 airplanes, at about $19.3 million per unit.” The reality is that it takes ten years from the award to Defense Contractors for new platforms to actual field operations. From a historical view, cost over-runs occur.

Although public discussion on USAF program is totally secret and forms such as the AFA War Forum, consist of 80% Public Relations and 20% truth, from my perspective from a hands-on field consultant, the USAF appears to be five to seven years behind the battlefield utilization of ISR, AI, and overall trained personnel capabilities. (You cannot build a Military proficient team based on quotas of gender, race, and national origin. Unlike China, America is not a homogenous society but continues to be UN-stabilized by educational and political top-down thinking.)

Hypersonic missile development in USA has failed in reported test results. However, on 3/18,2022, News sources reported that Russian forces launches a Kinzhal Mach 10 hypersonic missile to destroy an Underground Munitions Depot of Long-Range Missiles, Man pads, stingers, javelins, &assorted NATO arms & ammunition near the Western Ukraine city of Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine. That was not good news. If Russia has hypersonic, you can be sure that the PLA also has but under a different name. The Patriot and Thad are not long range but to save time a new propulsion will make them longer range to reach Russia. This again will take time.

The good news is The U.S. “Missile Defense Agency successfully launched the most advanced version of the Patriot missile from a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAD) system in a Feb. 24 test at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, Lockheed Martin stated.” It appears that US missile force will now focus on offensive with increasing target range versus when the Cold War ended with agreements on assured destruction and only defensive Missile systems.

Raytheon will soon introduce the AMRAM D-e Long Range Missile as at the Air Weapons layer.

The NC3 System referred to as “the ability to deliver nuclear weapons anywhere in the world is provided by the U.S. nuclear triad, which consists of three legs: ground-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, aerial bombers, and submarines. However, it is antiquated and cybersecurity threats from Russia and China are a reality according to Senator Angus King.


China has a goal to be Technology center for AI. According to the book, Red-Handed, Yale graduate Zhang Lei with approval from Xi, was a Board member of China-US Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) and invested $45,000,000 to the Renmin University Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence supported jointly with the Association for Science and Technology. Silicon Valley has been investing in China for years, especially Artificial Intelligence companies that are fronts for the PLA. “Sequoia Capital of Menlo Park invested in Horizon Robotics that again was connected to the PLA whose CEO, Yu Kai served as the Deputy of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), and its chairman was Major-General Li Deyi” China has stated clearly in its 5year plan “to develop software and application of high-performance computers, comprehensively propelling AI toward the battlefield.” (The USAF Space Force is attempting to do the same but, in my opinion, has fallen short of that goal) AI would help the J-20 to “speed on screen mobile target selection by more than 50 percent and improve accuracy by nearly 80 percent.”

I worked in Silicon Valley for 30yrs and can state without reservation that the Tech Giants have always been a party that has helped China arm itself to have pare with the technology of the US Military. Many examples exist; namely, in 2018 Alphabet invested in the AI research at Tsinghua University. Tsinghua Tong fang, a lab under the university, “supplies military communications control equipment and electronic countermeasures and satellite navigation equipment to the PLA.” I traveled to Fudan China. Fudan University in that town is “wedded to the Chinese military. According to Red-Handed, Google invested in AI on that campus. Ironies of ironies, Eric Schmidt was a featured Keynote speaker, “Accelerating AI” at the AFA Warfare Symposium on March 3, 2022.

The billionaire Bill Gates, also spread his Microsoft winnings in building research campuses of Software Technologies to train Chinese Engineers and Artificial Technologies. Further, he personally formed a partnership with the China Technology Group (CETC) that is known as a research arm for the PLA and CETC’s first Atomic Bomb built for China. Gates again moved to helping China’s Nuclear Power Corporation that has developed a thorium Molten-salt reactor program to propel PLA’s drones and the Navy’s future (ten) aircraft carriers. Without the conduit of legal and illegal technologies from Silicon Valley, the PLA and China’s Navy would never have leap-leapfrogged over the US and NATO imagined supremacy. (I addressed some of these topics with my own books, “Angels in the Silicon” and “Man of Seven Shadows’


Since 2014 and even earlier, Russia has invested and funded Artificial Software Firms. “DevOps (Vast Dreams - Moscow) is a portmanteau term of “development” and “operations”. At its core, it is a cultural philosophy that is an amalgamation of practices and tools. These enable an organization to accelerate the delivery of applications and deliver increased customer satisfaction. Essentially DevOps focuses on agility, automation and collaboration within IT and development team processes. A solid DevOps strategy benefits an organization in several ways. From streamlining the end-to-end delivery pipeline to automation and continuous release and deployment, DevOps take the leg work out of the software development process. It allows organizations to reap the benefits of customer satisfaction with improved core software quality, collaboration among teams and faster delivery. Hence, DevOps has truly emerged to be a crucial component for the growth of an organization.”

Some of those AI firms researched were start up innovators for example, Vast Dreams, Working Geek, ISS Art, Brouton Lab, Envion Software, Napoleon IT and Inventale. With the closure of any avenues of solid military research awareness of Russia’s military AI research, we recommended further sources in the EU and China to guide further facts.

Commercial Applications


“A drug-developing Artificial Intelligence needed just six hours to come up with 40,000 potentially deadly chemical weapons. The authors of the paper, published in Nature Machine Intelligence earlier this month, said “they'd carried out the ‘thought experiment’ to figure out if artificial intelligence (AI) could be misused by evil actors. And the results their work produced have proven that the danger is real. As part of the study, the usual data was given to the AI, but it was programmed to process it in a different way, looking for toxic combinations. “In less than six hours after starting on our in-house server, our model generated 40,000 molecules that scored within our desired threshold,” the paper said. It came up not just with the VX compound, which is one of the most dangerous nerve agents ever created, but also with some unknown molecules, “predicted to be more toxic.” “This was unexpected because the datasets we used for training the AI did not include these nerve agents,” the researchers pointed out. The findings were so alarming that the team had serious doubts about even making them public, said Fabio Urbina, the lead author of the study. “The dataset they used on the AI could be downloaded for free and they worry that all it takes is some coding knowledge to turn a good AI into a chemical weapon-making machine,”



“Scientists in China have reportedly built a machine ‘prosecutor’ that uses artificial intelligence to press charges. The system can file a charge with 97% accuracy when given a verbal account of events, researchers claim. The machine was ‘trained’ using information compiled from more than 17,000 cases from 2015 to 2020 and can correctly file charges for Shanghai’s eight most common crimes, including credit card fraud, theft, and “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” according to research published March 2022 in the domestic peer-reviewed journal Management Review. The AI prosecutor was developed and tested by the Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate, China’s biggest and busiest district prosecution office, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. The paper noted that the system could even run on a desktop computer. It works by identifying and pressing charges against a suspect based on 1,000 ‘traits’ obtained from the case description text that is fed to the machine. Much of this text is apparently either too small or too abstract to make sense to people.

According to the project’s lead scientist, Shi Yong, the system can potentially shoulder the prosecutors’ daily workload and free them up to focus on more demanding tasks. Shi and his team at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ big data and knowledge management laboratory noted that the tech would soon get upgrades to become powerful enough to recognize fewer common crimes and file multiple charges against a suspect.”


US, Canadian, Israeli, French Corporation invested heavily in dollar investments, transfer of patents, and technology that resulted in China becoming a major power in the Pacific and in the Rest of the World. Taiwan is threatened today from those investments.

As a six-year Strategic Management Consultant in China, I witnessed the high energy and focused efforts of the Regional Governments to win USA Corporate investments in China. Soon after I co-directed the first Sat COMM Conference in Beijing, the CEOs of major corporations were flying into Beijing to sign joint development projects. From the time of President Nixon, as I sat drinking tea at the same restaurant that he met the leader of China, I reflected that “all these efforts would result in democracy gaining a foothold and China would be part of the West economy and cooperation community.” Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX that launches secret satellites for the USAF Space Force and the NRO, said “the economic prosperity that China has achieved is truly amazing, especially in infrastructure! I encourage people to visit and see for themselves.” It is common knowledge that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were paid by China for future benefits


The Tsai Center had paid fellows who are now in the White House; namely, Jake Sullivan, Jeff Prescott, Mira Rapp-Hooper. Jack Ma and Joe Tsai “a billionaire tech entrepreneur and Yale graduate,” donated extensively to China Center at the Yale Law School. Alibaba is a big backer of Megvii, which developed software…is a vital part of the vast, secret system of advanced facial recognition technology to track and control the Uighurs.” Today, there is a real threat to Global Security as energy sources are being cut off to expand Corporate and Media into a false reality that Global Warming will destroy the planet. The people who seem to do that our millionaire DC politicians who are paid by the Government i.e., US taxpayers and Fed printing presses. Modularity is a great idea but nothing new. It has been the concept with software since Java came on the scene. What is a threat is the Global Supply Chain that is now an issue? What percent of Aerospace systems, parts, components, and completed assemblies come from China, Japan, EU, and USA?

Finally, the current US Joint Chiefs of Staff have decided that USAF military bases will be “farmed out” with its air platforms to regional sites to protect the total forces capabilities. NATO has already become that process in Poland and Romania. The kill chain (Ground, Air, Sea, Space beyond GEO to the Moon) will be increased by boost and glide missiles, Kinetic and non-Kinetic spectrum will be used to impede interference and negation, and “swarm UAVs” will be launched that will be difficult to defend against. The CIA has “137 projects in development that leverage AI in some capacity to accomplish tasks such as image recognition or labeling to predict future military events, however it has failed in predicting the military operations in Ukraine.

Sources:Journal Management Review/Nature Machine Intelligence/War Forum – Orlando Florida March -2 to 4-2022

Red-Handed – Peter Schweizer/Defense One - Artificial Intelligence-PT/Asia-Pacific Review, 2018/

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