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(CENTCOM) - A Paper Tiger or A Charging Bull

This GlobalMilComm stream Inc. report seeks to investigate (CENTCOM) and to determine if it is an effective or an ineffective fighting command that can crush ISIS/ISI. Can (CENTCOM) insure the peace in the most volatile region in today’s world.

On August 12,2016, Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook said Friday that “the effort to pry Manbij from the grasp of Islamic State, or ISIL, is a critical and important step in defeating the extremist group. He said the coalition is helping local forces wage that campaign while taking precautions to avoid civilian deaths. “ISIL has been willing to place itself in and around civilians. This is a complicated situation,” Mr. Cook said. “We will continue to apply the rigor that we always do in terms of minimizing the risk to civilians, but we are supporting those forces, because this, as I said before, is a critical moment in this campaign. This is a critical piece of territory.”

In August 2016, Congressional Reports revealed that “Central Command ((CENTCOM)) created an overly insular process for producing intelligence assessments, insufficiently accommodated dissenting views and didn’t follow analytical best practices.”

Views and Opinions

The issue of skewed US (CENTCOM) reports to Congress and the White House lifted the vail on this hidden, complex, and 84,000-member military organization.  It is clear that a large military organizational component lowers the 5CISR for the warfighters. It appears that limited news on the operations being conducted by (CENTCOM) in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan were both secret and unclear to the representatives of US citizens in Congress.

(CENTCOM) reported that “United States Central Command (CENTCOM) was established January 1, 1983. As its name implies, (CENTCOM) covers the "central" area of the globe located between the European, Africa and Pacific Commands. When the hostage crisis in Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan underlined the need to strengthen U.S. interests in the region, U.S. President Jimmy Carter established the Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force ((RDJTF)) in March 1980. To provide a stronger, more lasting solution in the region, President Ronald Reagan took steps to transform the (RDJTF) into a permanent unified command over a two-year period. The first step was to make the (RDJTF) independent of U.S. Readiness Command, and then followed by the activation of (CENTCOM) in January 1983.

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