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Key Teleports and Providers continue to be key to US and NATO Military Effectiveness.

According to the WTA (World Teleport Association), “The business environment in which teleport operators work is being turned upside by technology and market change. Their established businesses face disruption from new models of connectivity (GEO HTS, MEO and LEO), the rising domination of software over hardware, customer demands for seamless global service, and the opportunity to innovate up the value chain to meet new customer needs – if only they can bring the depth of technology knowledge and high-speed innovation required. Faced with these challenges, how are teleport operators in different market segments adapting? What market opportunities are they targeting and where are they investing their capital? What are their biggest obstacles to growth and the biggest threats to their survival?"

GMCStream TV/Radio sought to interview a key USA senior executive pioneer in this teleport segment.

Globecomm is a great example of portrait American company that has been involved in this market segment. Globecomm, founded in 1994, by a management team that had been prominent in the satellite industry since the 1960’s.

In 2013, Globecomm derived about 20 percent of its revenue from the U.S. Army, Defense and aerospace industry.

In 2018, Globecomm is the leading engineering-driven, global connectivity provider serving media, maritime, enterprise and government markets in over 100 countries. They “develop smart connectivity solutions to address customer issues across a broad spectrum of areas, including system design and integration, managed communication services including mobile and IoT, media services and mission critical networks. We are known for our unique ability to provide robust connectivity to the most remote locations under the most treacherous conditions. Globecomm is dedicated to improving communications and leverages its world class, global network to offer end-to- end, managed service communication’s solutions worldwide.”

Now based in Hauppauge, New York, Globecomm also maintains offices in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, The Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Indonesia.

Globecomm’s CERTIFIED TELEPORT locations:

• Kenneth A. Miller International Teleport, Hauppauge, New York, USA -

• Maryland Teleport, Washington, District of Columbia USA

• Mach 6 Lawford Heath Teleport, Rugby, UK

• Warsaw Earth Station, Warsaw, Poland

• Hong Kong Earth Station, Hong Kong, China

In the Government sector, “as a trusted partner, Globecomm solutions have been shaped by the needs of our armed forces, civilian agency and multilateral organization customers and by our expertise in designing and integrating mission-critical networks for disaster response, airborne communications, mobile, fixed, as well as command & control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) requirements. Globecomm has been selected time after time to design and implement Enterprise and Morale and Welfare (MWR) networks for our troops as well as for the U.S. Government foreign affairs community. The Globecomm global network of satellite and fiber allows us to provide remote connectivity, anywhere…under any conditions.”

Globecomm offers a full range of tactical communications system capabilities necessary to successfully fulfill PEO-C3T requirements under Global Tactical Advanced Communications Systems Contract (GTACS). In 2018, Globecomm has roared back as an experienced U.S. Army supporter through WWSS and CSTP contracts. Globecomm offers: 1. Engineering, Manufacturing and Development, 2. Production & Deployment, and 3. Operations & Support.

Paul Scardino

We caught up with Paul Scardino, SVP, Sales Operations/Engineering & Marketing at the Mountain View California’s Small Satellite Symposium. Paul has a remarkable record of successes in the Satellite Industry.

Paul Scardino has been involved in the satellite communications and telecommunications fields since 1988 and has been a key factor to Globecomm’s Systems’ success since February 1997. He is responsible for Globecomm’s Sales Engineering and Marketing Organizations. Mr. Scardino holds an MBA in Management (with Distinction) from Hofstra University in New York, and a BSEE from Polytechnic Institute of NYU. Mr. Scardino is also a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP)


Globecomm Systems Inc. provides satellite-based managed network solutions to government, communications service providers, commercial enterprises, and media and content broadcasters in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

GMCStream Inc.is an American Internet media company based in Mountain View, California. The company is a social media news and information company with a directed focus on digital broadband media. GMCStream researches, analyzes, and highlights MILCOMM problems and solutions that may affect Global National Security. GMCStream was founded by Richard Kusiolek, an expert in Satellite Communications, cyber security, defense, and aerospace with private sector experience and expertise in international business development and strategy, particularly in China, Japan, and Eastern Europe. The company is growing organically into a specialized niche media and technology company providing streaming video coverage on a variety of topics including politics, space and missile systems, cyber-warfare, defense networks. STEM career webinars, and planet exploration.

GMCStreamTV/Radio would like to welcome Paul Scardino at the Small Satellite Symposium in Silicon Valley. It is so good to meet you Paul.

** Paul Scardino -Thank you Richard, it’s nice to meet you as well

* Richard – “Globecomm is a trusted provider of robust connectivity for mission-critical communications, and I am excited that I will have a chance to explore some questions with you. Before we do that Paul can you tell us of your background and your company’s mission?”

** Paul- “I’ve been in the satellite communications industry my entire career. I began by designing and implementing systems and networks around the world and I’ve been involved in every aspect of the business to the executive position I hold today.”

“Globecomm’s mission is to provide best-of-breed communications solutions through continuous knowledge acquisition reinforced by our family-oriented culture and core value of high integrity we will always do what is right and just for our stakeholders.”

* Richard- These are amazing number. Eight hundred thirty million young people representing more than 80 per cent of the youth population in 104 countries are online. Sometime ago fiber-optic cable and other landline networks carrying Internet, Intranet, e-mail and similar IP-related services were reaching a point of saturation. What does the outlook for service providers in this market look like?

** Paul – “I agree that legacy landline networks had reached a point of saturation; however, technology is always improving and there is an insatiable thirst for higher speeds and more throughput that service providers will continually have to address. Furthermore, mobility is where it’s at. Therefore, the outlook is wide open and service providers need to continuously evolve the technology they provide to their customers. This evolution needs to include the concept of a hybrid approach using multiple technologies to address various applications in providing continuous, robust connectivity. Within 10 years the term “hybrid” will probably be an amusing expression of this transition period to what will simply be a technology infrastructure, a fluid and dynamic portfolio of internal and external services, cost- and performance-optimized for the moment.”

* Richard- Your company introduced Vector, a virtualized video head end system able to support hundreds of channels and deliver content across multiple platforms. How does it simplify video content across IP networks?

** Paul- “Vector simplifies video content delivery by utilizing a scalable, cloud-based solution aggregating multiple functions of the video workflow to create an end to end solution. By utilizing a virtualized solution, the system is scalable to grow with the operators’ needs and business model providing a lower cost of entry into the market for new video distribution companies.”

* Richard- I know that Globecomm was working with the LeoSat satellite constellation that was to offer point-to-point data connections. Can you tell us about your working relationship with LeoSat?

** Paul – “Globecomm’s value we bring to our clients is our engineering capability to always staying on the cutting edge of technology. LeoSat’s technology is cutting-edge with high throughput, low orbit satellites that will provide faster-than-fiber latency using optical mesh connectivity in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) covering the entire globe. Therefore, Globecomm has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore a potential service agreement utilizing the LeoSat constellation to be able to provide this capability as a solution for our customers.”

* Richard - More and more data is being generated. Big Data is now dominating. What do see are the future growth opportunities for satellite providers?

** Paul – “Satellite providers need to use the Big Data, that is the result of the IoT and the voice, video and data content riding on the networks, to their advantage to get in the IoT/AI value chain. Managing that data and its subsequent analytics to provide greater efficiency, increased safety, cost savings and improved performance ultimately helping customers to improve their profit margin is where future growth opportunities exist for satellite providers.”

* Richard- Do you see small satellites being more than sensors in orbits? What are the opportunities for service providers with global reach such as Globecomm?

** Paul-“As discussed earlier with respect to the MOU with LeoSat, Globecomm sees small satellites and their capabilities as another tool in our solution set to our customers. Besides our engineering capabilities, another major strength is that we’re vendor agnostic – providing the best solution for each application. Therefore, we will analyze the capabilities of the small satellites and determine if and how they can best be used for our customers’ applications. This is one of the main reasons I am here - to evaluate the landscape and determine the business models Globecomm can offer utilizing small satellites.”

* Richard- In the next three years, what are the prospects for broadband telecommunications and other new satellite applications in the small satellite sector?

** Paul – “Broadband telecommunications are already illustrating their value and capabilities in today’s High Throughput Satellites (HTS). In the next three years we’ll see the introduction of the small satellite constellations which are currently in the design stage. They will ubiquitously cover the globe with broadband connectivity bringing satellite bandwidth prices down thus allowing the world’s population to utilize satellite for their broadband connectivity and effectively helping close the digital divide.”

* Richard- It has been a great pleasure having you on GMCStreamTV/Radio. Do you have any closing comments?

** Paul – “Richard, thank you for the opportunity and for the excellent, thought-provoking questions. Globecomm’s Systems Integration background has always been about cutting-edge communications’ innovation and technology which allowed us to remain nimble and evolve. Our global network and sophisticated infrastructure allows for the seamless collection and delivery of broadband data and video on land and sea leveraging satellite, terrestrial and cellular communication technologies. But ultimately, Globecomm is about relationships, both old and new, that we’ve maintained and continue to nurture. Ultimately, our success has been about our focus on our customers. When we know and understand our customers it allows us to fully grasp their goals and expectations and provide the solutions that exceed those expectations.”

END ---recorded 2/7/2018--all copyrights apply.

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