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Ukraine – A Nation of Conflicts and Corruption

Comecon standing for Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, was formed under the aegis of the Soviet Union in 1949 (until 1991) to respond to the formation of the Committee of European Economic Cooperation in western Europe in 1948. Its purpose was to facilitate and coordinate the economic development of the eastern European countries belonging to the Soviet bloc. (Comecon was not a western organization against the export of technology or arms. In the late 1980's, Soviet President Gorbachev introduced policies in Russia to help reduce the corruption at the top of the Communist Party. That move called 'Glasnost' sparked an enthusiastic desire for freedom across The Soviet Union, and in the end freedom from Communism caused the total collapse of the country in 1991. On August 24, 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine declared itself an independent state. On December 1, 1991, 90% of Ukrainian voters approved a referendum formalizing independence from the Soviet Union. Following its independence, Ukraine made positive moves, including becoming a non-nuclear nation in 1996, when it had all its 2,000 Soviet era nuclear warheads dismantled.”

A peaceful mass protest called the "Orange Revolution" in the closing months of 2004 forced the authorities to overturn a rigged presidential election and to allow a new internationally monitored vote that swept into power a reformist slate under Viktor Yushcenko. Subsequent internal squabbles in the Yushchenko camp allowed his rival Viktor Yanukovych to stage a comeback in parliamentary elections and become prime minister in August of 2006; he was elected President in a runoff election in 2010. With large billion-dollar U.S. Congressional grants and EU foreign aid in the billions, Ukraine was economically pushed toward the West. To appease the foreign governments, a national hate campaign against Russian-speaking citizens and Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. It is a real misnomer that Ukraine was ever an independent State as it was aligned with the EU and the United States. As seen in 2014, the U.S. State Department under John Kerry and Hillary Rodham Clinton (with those in the US Embassy in Kyiv; namely, Victoria Nuland (former Staffer for Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt) used monetary and political support to sabotage a Ukraine Presidential Election result and to train military forces during the 2014 Donbas War. This is well documented. US State Department paid Kurt Volker to be its special representative for Ukraine. Volker tasked with advancing US efforts to the achieve the objectives of the 2014 Minsk agreements between Ukraine and Russia. However, Europeans and Americans refused to send a Special Ambassador to the Donbass region where the killings were occurring to negotiate for peace and to grant the Region Autonomy but still under control of Kiev’s Oligarch Administrators.

“To nullify the corruption reform and to regain their powerbase, Oligarch’s, like Poroshenko, organized opposition street riots that they called “Ukrainian Maidan.” The media speculated that the Maidan Movement was controlled by the US State Department in Kyiv and initially peaceful, but the Oligarchs such as Petro Poroshenko backed the Maidan Revolutionary Movement that eventually became violent. Also, the Right Nationalist Sector became involved and attacked the police to radicalize the peaceful protesters. Snipers were seen on the buildings, but they did not have uniforms on. People on the street and in the news could not identify who these shadowy figures were. For eight years (2014 -2022), the USA and EU funded the Ukrainian Army as well as the Nazis Battalions, 14,000 died in the New Republics Donetsk and Luhansk, and Russia supported the military of these Republics. Efforts made for a negotiated peace but both Poroshenko and Zelensky under the influence of the US State Department, the US Congress, and the Executive Branch.

What is Democracy?

Is Ukraine War happening to save democracy and to protect the borders of Ukraine? I think we should view the meaning of Democracy of the EU and the USA. Scott Ritter said that “whenever a political party wishes to raise funds, it simply introduces new legislation in US Congress and then sits back to await payments/donations from the lobbyists who wish to buy influence amongst the Congressional Representative to write or defeat the proposed legislation. The introduction of new laws and regulations are simply a means to urge and threaten to force lobbyists to fund the legislator’s re-election campaigns. The greater approved legislation introduced; the more funds lobbyists contribute to the congressional members. (Ukraine has paid lobbyist like Hunter Biden and former Senator John McCane.) Over the foreign wars initiated by the US Executive as Commander in Chief, American Democracy is the hybrid that the USA exports at the point of a gun to Ukraine to eliminate Russia. When NATO imposed "Democracy" in Afghanistan and Condi Rice bragged about Democracy is ‘Freedom Reigns.’ USA ‘Democracy’ and NATO gave President Karzai the ‘Right’ to appoint the governors of each province and district, the mayor of every town, every provincial chief of police, one third of the entire Senate, and even every judge in Afghanistan. The US does very poorly in these foreign involvements. The reason is the Affirmative Action hiring quotas of LBJ and the lack of educational excellent. Clear examples are Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The USAF bombs, but in the end gains nothing but loses its resources to focus on its own citizens. Unfortunately, the US never uses genuine diplomacy. In this case there is no compromise for the Russian regions of Ukraine. Russia has the natural gas Europe needs. In the end Russia will turn off the gas and the US will have to surrender. Ukraine has no value to any thinking American.”

The Real Consequences of USA War with Russia

The Consequences of USA internal influences laid down twenty years ago, are the collapse of the USD as a global currency. The fate of the USD is clear but what will it cost for the EU? 10,000 sanctions were draconian and designed not to bring resolution but to lead to a global Nuclear War. In the next year, this will lead to threats to the Global Economies and structure. Russia will suffer but they will weather it. Supremacy of the USD as a reserve currency will suffer. Propaganda and using financial Sanctions leveraging the USD/Euro vs Oil and Gas. Can pieces of printed paper, with no backing in GOLD, but will not be perceived as having value. Europe is isolated. NorthStream2 was built for the Germans. If it stops, an alternate pipeline runs through Ukraine and Russia is paying transit fees. In conclusion, sanctions do not WORK! Political liberal leadership in USA and the EU are lacking wisdom but only short term zero critical thinking. Instead of negotiating for peace with the 2014 Minsk Agreement that Poland and France worked to resolve the killing in the Donbass

, but Ukraine under the Democratic Party’s US State Department, prefer a unilateral world with “cheap inflation dollars, they needed a War in Ukraine to gen-up more inflationary dollars to fund it. Also, it is great diversion from the criminal acts that they plot and play with their Global Political Robots who enrich themselves in the billions of dollars. “If the EU collapses financially then that would affect trade with China, and I see that this has been thought out and not only was Russia targeted but also China simultaneously. The Ukrainian fiasco is planned out by the US/NATO Global War Machine which harms China more than Russia.”

To save Ukraine, it must destroy it as the propagandized U.S. Congress, Raytheon’s Secretary of Defense, and his proxy in NATO former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who took office on 1 October 2014. The tool in their bags of tricks is to continue to rely on war versus negotiations to end the already five million who left Ukraine and the 40,000 killed so far. This is like their attack of Syria with use of “false flags” -trick used by intelligence agencies in Ukraine, UK, DC, and NATO. However, the Democrat Party relies not on facts but on heavily funded propaganda lies put out by the usual ‘False News’ Corporate Funded Br Networks and the Censorship Capitalist in Silicon Valley – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo,

Liz Straus said that “War in Ukraine is all our war. Russia is at War with UK and NATO.” Ukraine is only the theater for the global Oligarchs. Ukraine cannot choose its future> Biden the goal is to weaken Russia. Increase the Army of Ukraine with monies and weapons. What if Ukraine loses? But since 2014, the “US State Department and the CIA engineered this war. Do they know what the Donbas is on map? NO. If the West (UK, Australia, USA, Poland, France) loses, it will be a disaster for NATO. The 2019 Rand Reports…. Designed to weaken and contain Russia. To Keep Russia a “Beggar Nation” and its GDP losing by 25%. In addition, to make the 140 million Russians to become serfs for the EU and the US. China, India, Brazil, and Hungary support Russia’s limited military operation. USA wants to engage in a war of attrition. Arm civilians funded by West like they did against Hitler’s Germany.

Ukraine is a TRAP. The people of Ukraine are being sacrificed. Zelensky does not care. They do not care how two million will die in a funded EU, UK, and USA prolonged war designed to remove Vladimir Putin from power. Proxy War between USA and RUSSIA. The propaganda was to create War to make the “empty basket” Biden as a WW2 FDR. EU and the UK are controlled by USA while its own working citizens are living under 9.8% inflation and as the FED prints more paper money, deflation will occur in November 2022


Western Political Propaganda Media

One of the major outcomes of this Ukrainian “victory” was the ability of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to leverage this perception into a fundamental shift of thinking on the part of his supporters in the West, resulting in an increase in both the amount of money allocated to supplying Ukraine with weapons, as well as the quality of the weapons themselves, as the West shifted away from an emphasis on light anti-tank weapons to more conventional armor and artillery


Western media coverage of Ukraine conflict has been so hysterically one-sided, and divorced from reality, that it is only a matter of time before Iraq's erstwhile 'Comical Ali' is brought out of retirement to insist that there are no Russians advancing towards the Ukrainian army's front lines. Meanwhile, the actual fighting continues to result in a string of defeats for Kiev's battered forces, who have already lost control of two major cities, despite unprecedented support from the US and its allies. As American officials work with the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to craft a perception of Kiev's victory against the Russian military, Moscow is preparing to counter with a harsh dose of reality.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on the heels of a dramatic visit to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev where, together with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, he met with Zelensky, testified before Congress that the goal of the Ukrainians in fighting their two-month-old conflict with Russia “would be to push the Russians out of the territory that they’re trying to occupy in eastern Ukraine. ” Blinken added that the administration of US President Joe Biden was providing “full support” to Kyiv to achieve this goal. The Secretary of State added that Zelensky’s objective was to degrade the Russian military so that it would not be able to attack Ukraine in the “next month, next year or in five years,” echoing similar sentiments expressed by Lloyd Austin, who had declared that the goal of the US was to “see Russia weakened” so that it cannot “do the kinds of things that it has done [in Ukraine].”The shared optimism of Blinken, Austin, and Zelensky comes from the joint embrace of a narrative of the Russian military operation against Ukraine which holds that the Russians are in the process of suffering a strategic defeat in Ukraine. But in a sign that this narrative may represent little more than wishful thinking on the part of these three leaders, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, had a more nuanced take, noting that if Russia were to get away with what he termed its “aggression” against Ukraine “cost-free,” then “the global international security order” that has been in place since the end of the Second World War would be put at risk


Far from projecting a sense of optimism as to the outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Milley’s statements reflected a sense of urgency that comes with the recognition that the war in Ukraine has reached a critical juncture. The gap between perception and reality when it comes to assessing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a direct result of the confusing nature of the conflict itself, where a well-oiled propaganda campaign waged by Ukraine and its western partners, both government and media alike, contrasts with a Russian public relations effort which is reticent to delve deeply into Russian strategic goals and objectives, let alone the day-to-day details of the fighting on the ground. The result is an information war where two competing narratives wage an unequal conflict, and perception is trumped by reality. As the military operation in Ukraine enters its third month, harsh truths have emerged which are altering how both the Russian armed forces and modern warfare will be assessed going forward. Few analysts—including this author—expected serious resistance to last more than a month. Indeed, General Milley had briefed Congress during closed-door briefings in early February that a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine could result in the fall of Kyiv within 72 hours.

Russian Military Analysis

Why the outcome of Russia-Ukraine talks will change Europe’s security landscape. There were at least three reasons for such an assessment. First was the extensive preparation that had been conducted by Russia in advance of the military incursion. The movement of hundreds of thousands of troops along with their equipment and the logistical means to sustain both men and material in combat is not a trivial exercise, and Russia had been engaged in military drills which stretched out over the course of months, perfecting such coordination. The Russian military is led by officers who excel in staff work and preparation, and to assume that they had planned for every possibility that could be encountered on the battlefield is not an outlandish proposition.

“Doctrinally, the Russian military was configured for the kind of warfare it had prepared for, where its overwhelming advantages in mass and firepower were optimized to produce the very battlefield results anticipated by most observers—the destruction of enemy defenses in depth with massed fire, followed by an aggressive armored assault that penetrated deep into the enemy rear areas, sowing confusion and disruption leading to the rapid loss of combat effectiveness on the part of those being attacked. A Russian-Ukrainian war was always going to be primarily a ground war; neither the Ukrainian Air Force nor its Navy were expected to put up a sustained, viable resistance to their Russian counterparts. While the Ukrainian Army had been trained and equipped as a virtual NATO proxy force since 2015, the reality was that it had undergone a rapid expansion from 2014, when it could field over 6,000 combat-ready troops, to its pre- military operation composition of over 150,000 soldiers organized into twenty-four brigades. The expectation that Ukraine would be able to perfect anything more than basic battalion-sized combined arms operations (i.e., the coordinated employment of maneuver forces with artillery and air support) was a dream. While Ukraine had placed a great deal of effort in transitioning from an all-conscript military in 2014 to one where 60% of its combat personnel were professional contract soldiers led by seasoned non-commissioned officers, one cannot create such a force in so short of time. Small unit leadership of the sort that represents the glue that holds a military force together under the strain and duress of sustained combat simply had not had enough time to take hold and mature in the Ukrainian army, leading analyst to assess that it would fold when placed under the stress of Russian doctrinal warfare.”


The following analysis is sourced from publicly available reporting by journalists embedded with the Russian military and the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic, as well as Russian Ministry of Defense briefings and statements made by the Ukrainian side. “Within the first week of the Russian operation getting underway, it was clear to most that the assumptions that had been made were flawed and/or misplaced. Primarily, Moscow had opted not to employ its forces according to standard doctrine, opting instead to take a light approach which was born from a concerted effort to minimize civilian casualties and harm to civilian infrastructure that itself was derived from a fundamental misunderstanding of the reality of the situation on the ground in Ukraine.”

The reported purging of 150 officers from the 5th Department of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), responsible for operations in the so-called “near abroad” (which includes Ukraine), along with the arrest of Sergei Beseda, the former head of the department, suggests that Russia had suffered a failure of intelligence the likes of which has not been seen since the Israeli failure to predict the Egyptian crossing of the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War of October 1973. While the Russian government has remained characteristically tight-lipped about any possible shortcomings regarding the work of the 5th Department prior to the start of the military operation, the statements by Russian leadership suggesting that the Ukrainian military might remain in its barracks and that civilian leadership would not interfere with Russia military operations suggest that these assumptions were made using intelligence provided by the 5th Department. That such assumptions, if indeed they were made, proved to be so fundamentally off target, when combined with the preparedness of the Ukrainian military to engage the initial columns of Russian forces, suggests that the work of the 5th Department had been disrupted by Ukrainian security services, who took control of Russian human networks and fed false reports back to the Russian leadership. The truth about Bucha is out there, but too inconvenient to be discovered by the Global Western controlled Media. The fact is that columns of Russian troops, advancing boldly into Ukraine without the kind of attention to route security and flank protection that would normally accompany offensive operations, found themselves cut off and annihilated by well-prepared Ukrainian ambushes. Moreover, instead of folding under pressure, the Ukrainian Army—both regular and those from the territorial forces—stood their ground and fought, using hand-held anti-tank weapons—US-made Javelins and British-made “stingers”—to significant effect. It was, to use an American colloquialism, a Turkey shoot, and the Ukrainian government made effective use of combat footage obtained from such encounters to pronounced effect in shaping global public opinion about the effectiveness of Ukraine’s defenses. However, the limitations of the Ukrainian armed forces did not allow it to turn its impressive tactical victories into positive operational and strategic outcomes. Despite costly initial setbacks, the Russian Army pressed home its attack, achieving impressive gains in the south, where Russian forces operating out of Crimea secured the strategic city of Kherson and advanced on the equally important city of Mariupol. There, they joined with Russian and allied forces from the Donetsk Republic to surround the Ukrainian forces defending Mariupol, eventually trapping the survivors, numbering thousands strong, in the reinforced concrete underworld of the Azovstal steel factory. Further north, Russian forces, together with the forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, advanced westward to drive Ukrainian forces from their prepared defenses to gain control of the totality of the territory encompassing the Donbass region


The “Battle for Kiev”

“While securing the territorial integrity of the Donbass region was one of the primary objectives of the Russian special military operation, to accomplish this Russia carried out extensive supporting operations, which included a diversionary advance toward Kiev designed to fix Ukrainian forces in place and divert reinforcements away from the eastern front, as well as an amphibious feint off the coast of Odessa for the same purpose. For a diversionary attack and/or feint to be operationally viable, it must be believable, which means the forces conducted the mission must be aggressive in the execution of the diversion, even under unfavorable conditions. The Russian advance on Kyiv was done by a force of 40,000 men operating on two axes, one heading south, the other pushing southwest from the direction of Chernihiv. The ground advances were preceded by air assaults targeting airfields in the vicinity of Kyiv. Whether or not Russian intelligence had indicated that Kiev was ripe for a coup de main, or the Russian paratroopers and special forces conducting the assaults were too aggressive in selling the attack, or a combination of both, the reality was that Kiev was well defended by a mix of regular army and territorial forces who were not inclined to give up the Ukrainian capital without a fight. For over a month, the Russian forces advanced on Kyiv, launching probing attacks that penetrated the northern suburbs and threatened to surround the city from both the east and west.”

The fact of the matter remains, however, that a force of 40,000 men, no matter how aggressively employed, cannot take, and hold, a city of three million inhabitants defended by a mix of 60,000 regular, reserve, and territorial soldiers. But this was never their task. “These actions [i.e., the advance on Kiev],” Colonel General Sergey Rudskoy, the first deputy chief of Russia’s General Staff, announced during a briefing on March 26, “are carried out with the aim of causing such damage to military infrastructure, equipment, personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the results of which allow us not only to tie down their forces and prevent them from strengthening their grouping in the Donbass, but also will not allow them to do this until the Russian army completely liberates the territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic.” In an indication of both the intensity of the combat involved in Kyiv faded, and the importance of the assigned mission, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the honorific title of ‘Guard’ to the 64th Detached Motor Rifle Brigade for its “astute and bold actions” during Kyiv fighting. “The unit’s staff became a role model in fulfilling its military duty, valor, dedication and professionalism,” Putin noted in the accompanying citation (the Ukrainian government has accused the 64th Brigade of committing war crimes in the town of Bucha, north of Kyiv, a charge the Russian government vehemently denies

The so-called “Battle for Kiev” is a clear-cut example of the difference between perception and reality. The Ukrainian position is that its forces decisively defeated the Russian military on the approaches to Kyiv, forcing not only a retreat, but also a complete re-design of the strategic objectives of the special military operation. This point of view has been echoed unquestioningly by a compliant western media, and embraced by political and military leaders in Europe, Canada, and the US. Left unspoken was the need for this dramatic change in weapons priority, especially given the fact that Ukraine had, according to its own narrative, decisively defeated Russia using these very same light anti-tank weapons. The reality, however, was that the Russian Phase One operations had inflicted near-fatal damage to the Ukrainian military, killing and wounding tens of thousands of soldiers while destroying the vast bulk of Ukraine’s heavy weaponry—the artillery, tanks, and armored fighting vehicles critical to waging modern combined arms warfare. The reason Ukraine requested more tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery from its Western suppliers is that it had depleted its available stocks. But equipment was the least of Ukraine’s worries. A military is only as good as its ability to logistically sustain its forces while in combat, and one of the primary objectives of the Russian Phase One campaign was to destroy Ukraine’s fuel, ammunition storage facilities, and degrade Ukrainian command and control. The result is that while Ukraine held onto Kyiv, it did so at an enormous cost in overall combat effectiveness. And while Russia was able to withdraw from Kyiv front and undergo a period of rest, rearmament, and reorientation (a normal action for military units that had been engaged in non-stop combat operations for a month), the Ukrainian military remained under pressure from incessant Russian aerial attack and bombardment from precision-guided cruise missiles and Russian artillery.

Perception, when subjected to the harsh light of reality, is exposed as little more than a dream. This is very much the case regarding the so-called “Battle for Kiev,” where the Ukrainian military was left holding territory which no longer served any useful purpose for the Russians. Russia was able to redeploy its forces to better support its prime objective, the seizure of Donbass, leaving the Ukrainian forces in Kyiv frozen in place.

Mariupol and the Battle for Donbass

The battle for Mariupol is another example where perception management clashed with ground-truth reality. The narrative surrounding the present fate of Mariupol is very much a tale of two cities. From the Ukrainian perspective, the city continues to be held by a heroic cadre of fighters who are tying down tens of thousands of Russian forces who otherwise could be redeployed elsewhere, supporting the Russian main effort against Donbass. So long as these defenders hold out, the Ukrainians contend, the vital land bridge connecting Crimea and the Russian Federation will be at risk. Likewise, their continued resistance serves a major propaganda purpose, denying Russia the ability to declare victory prior to the Victory Day celebration of May 9. Russia, however, has already declared victory in Mariupol. While conceding that two thousand defenders remain dug into the Cold War-era bunkers underneath the Azovstal steel factory, Russia says that these forces serve no meaningful military value. Indeed, rather than sacrifice Russian troops to dig the Ukrainian forces from their underground lairs, President Putin directed the military to seal off the Azov facility and wait the defenders out. There is no doubt that the presence of Ukrainians in the Azovstal factory represents a propaganda victory for Ukraine. But the reality is that the city of Mariupol has fallen to Russia; while the Ukrainian defenders, possibly accompanied by thousands of civilians, waste away as their food supplies diminish, the rest of Mariupol is beginning the task of rebuilding a shattered city where an estimated 90% of the buildings have been damaged or destroyed in brutal street-to-street fighting. The Russian land bridge is intact, and the Russian offensive against Donbass is proceeding without delay.

The statements in Kyiv by Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin are a byproduct of the perception of Ukrainian victory shaped by the twin Ukrainian “victories” in Kyiv and Mariupol. The reality, however, is that Kyiv was a skilled Russian deception that shaped the overall strategic situation in Ukraine in favor of Russia, and the Mariupol battle is likewise finished in terms of any strategic impact on the overall campaign. What is left is the harsh truth of simple “military math” which, when projected onto a map, provides the kind of unyielding fact-based evidence that Ukraine is losing its war with Russia. The fact of the matter is that the military aid being provided to Ukraine by the West will not have any discernable impact on a battlefield where Russia is asserting its dominance increasingly each day. Not only is there not enough equipment being provided. Hundreds of armored vehicles cannot replace the more than 2,580 that have been lost by Ukraine to date, nor can dozens of artillery pieces offset the more that 1,410 artillery tubes and rocket launchers destroyed by the Russian military.

"When two military forces of equal size and capability face off against one another, they seek to acquire an operational advantage through the attrition of their opponent’s capabilities which, in combination with effective maneuvering of their own forces, puts the opponent in an untenable situation. The transition from a battle of equals to decisive military victory is often rapid, representing as it does the culmination of acquired supremacy in the form of firepower and maneuver which is brought together in synchronization fashion, creating a series of tactical and operational dilemmas for which the opponent has no viable solution."

This is the current situation with the Ukrainian military facing off against the Russians in Donbass today. The Ukrainians, lacking any meaningful artillery support of their own, are at the mercy of the Russian artillery and rocket launchers that pound their positions day in and day out, without respite. The Russian troops have taken a very deliberate approach to engaging with their Ukrainian opponents. Gone are the rapid advances by unprotected columns and convoys; now, the Russians isolate the Ukrainian defenders, pound them with artillery, and then carefully close in and destroy what remains with infantry supported by tanks and armored fighting vehicles. The casualty ratio in this fighting is unforgiving for Ukraine, with hundreds of soldiers lost each day in terms of killed, wounded, and surrendered, while Russian casualties are measured in scores."Why did the US State Department fund Thirty Ukrainian bio labs that violated the ban on biological weapons programs?

“Russia can maneuver at will. The outcome is clear that along Ukraine Army front line as Russian forces closes on and destroys the Ukrainian defenders, but Russian troops also operate with absolute freedom in depth, meaning that they can pull back to refit, rearm, and rest without fear of Ukrainian artillery fire or counterattacking forces. The Ukrainians, meanwhile, remain pinned down, unable to move without fear of being detected and destroyed by Russian air power, and as such doomed to be isolated and destroyed by Russian troops at the right time. There is no hope of reinforcement or relief for the Ukrainian forces operating on the front lines; Russia has interdicted the rail lines that had served as the conduit for resupply, and the likelihood of any Ukrainian forces which have received heavy weapons provided by the West reaching the front-lines in any discernible strength is virtually zero. The Battle for Donbass is reaching its culminating point, where the Ukrainian military rapidly transitions from a force capable of providing the semblance of resistance to one that has lost all meaningful combat capability.” “This is the state of play entering the third month of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. While the termination of any conflict is always a political question, one thing is for certain—if the operation extends into a fourth month, the battlefield will look vastly different from the one that the world currently sees. The battle for Donbass and eastern Ukraine is all but over. That is the hard reality, and no amount of a dream or perception management by either Zelensky or his American partners can change that.”

The USA Controlled Global Media with Monopolies controlling the narrative. Why doesn't anybody ever mention the ' Minsk Agreements ' or the eight - year war waged between Ukraine’s Oligarch President and the Donetsk & Lugansk regions? The U.S. torpedoed the Minsk Agreement and encouraged the constant shelling of the Donbas Region. The leaders of the Republics were assassinated by the secret service of Ukraine government. Both Poroshenko and Zelensky prefer war because the USA is stupid enough to rush in billions of dollars and USA made arms. Michael Binder wrote “It is very unfortunate that the US, because of their own selfish reasons, have worked to escalate the conflict. instead of keeping diplomatic channels open and working towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict, they have worked towards isolating Russia and dumping massive amounts of weapons into Ukraine all at the cost of Ukrainian lives.”

The Political Voices for War with Russia even if it leads to Nuclear War?

Using the same precedent in Iraq and Afghanistan, the DNC members in Congress want to use force in Ukraine. Democratic Congressman Jason Crow, “We will not accept a stalemate. We are in this until the fight is done!” Democratic of California Nancy Pelosi, “We will win this War with Russia. Zelensky has an open check book with the USA. Joseph Biden, President of the USA is leading the American people into a nuclear war with Russia. This is what is in the “check book” a total of $49.1 billion while not taking care of the needs of the people of America. No money for border protection at the Mexican border but giving $49.1 billion to protect the borders for a corrupt regime in Kyiv all groomed by Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Bridget A. Brink.

To negotiate for peace in Ukraine, “America has so far sent hundreds of anti-war systems, thousands of anti-tank weapons (from Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin), transport helicopters, high-mobility vehicles, radar systems to track incoming artillery, and unmanned drones, as well as communications and satellite imagery analyst (NGA) capability. Another 7,000 small arms have been provided-automatic rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, and mortar rounds as well as twenty million rounds.”

Tobias Naegele wrote recently, “America’s deterrence can be summed up in the phrase, ‘speak softly and carry a big stick.’ By presenting a robust, technologically advanced military (machine) designed not for conquest, but as a check against those who might conquer and subdue others, America provides a bulwark against aggression and adventurism all around the world. Ukraine a free people fighting with whatever the have, defying a larger army through sheer will.” The Democratic Party, run by President Joseph Biden, wanted to hijack the voices of the America People that a nuclear war would be a threat to working Americans, but the Congressional millionaires, such as Nancy Pelosi, will not be affected as she will have her own bunker. In the vision of a Hollywood producer, after the destruction of the cities, 83years old Nancy Pelosi will crawl out and look what she and Adam Schiff did. -The destruction of the greatest Nation, the USA. “Fewer than half of US adults have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of confidence in the abilities of Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, US President Joe Biden, or either party’s congressional leaders to do “the right thing” for the economy, according to a poll conducted by Gallup during the first three weeks of April and published on May 2,2022.”

“Equally troubling, nearly half have “almost no” confidence in these figures, who have repeatedly dangled rosy predictions of economic recovery in the face of a gross domestic product that declined for the first quarter of 2022. People talk daily about inflation; the trouble is that the criteria have gone there are so many things outside of its expenditure unknown. I do not care what anyone says you must have that established and concrete ledger book. Coming in, going out. For how long? What yield will it bring? Are there enough jobs for enough people? Will they empower people enough to make them spenders? It is not rocket science. Borrowing limitless money? you are kidding yourself. Printing more money? That is two games of monopoly with no losers. But it does increase inflation. It is time to give up with capitalism because no one ever gets a grip on reality” wrote Thomas Sayers.

War or Peace?

Let us pray that the War Hawks in DC like Senator Charles Schumer, Rep Ann Wagner, Nancy Pelosi, and the dishonest disgraceful Representative Adam Schiff, will be marginalized by people of clear thinking to stop the economic destruction of the USD and the financial weakness that another war, like Afghanistan (Biden left $54billion in military hardware to the Taliban), will bring.

"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government” wrote Thomas Jefferson


Contributors: Thomas Sayers -author and journalist/Scott Ritter – former US Marine- journalist/Michael Binder Correspondent Ukraine/Tobias Naegele editor AFA/Yanis Varoufakis. Former Greek Finance Minister/Pavel Felgenhauer is a defense analyst and columnist for the independent Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta/Peter Zalmayev is director of the Eurasia Democracy Initiative/Michael O’Hanlon is a senior fellow and foreign policy research director at the Brookings Institution

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