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  • GMCStream FlashNews -Sat China-India-Markets -7/3/19

    Future Business Realities - Redundancy, Compatibility, and Interoperability

    Emerging economies are targeting the high value technology markets of successful economies to duplicate their apparent economic stability and advanced technological societies. In 2010, Euromonitor International from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected that by 2020 there will be a major shift in the global

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GMCStream is an American Internet media company based in Mountain View, California. The company is a social media news and information company with a directed focus on digital broadband media. GMCStream researches, analyzes, and highlights MILCOMM problems and solutions that may affect Global National Security. GMCStream was founded by Richard Kusiolek, an expert in Satellite Communications, cyber security, defense, and aerospace with private sector experience and expertise in international business development and strategy, particularly in China, Japan, and Eastern Europe. The company is growing organically into a specialized niche media and technology company providing streaming video coverage on a variety of topics including politics, space and missile systems, cyber-warfare, defense networks. STEM career webinars, and planet exploration.