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Inspirational Stars (Volume 1)

book2Star Traveling is a collection of free-verse American poems spanning the authors years of poetic insights. Since at a very young age, when given the opportunity to spend his summers in Hamlet Indiana, he began to star travel. He would lie on the grass surrounding his grandparent's farmhouse and stare into the vast night skies. He watched the brilliance of those stars in the high heavens and dreamed of star traveling. Those moments were the beginning of a desire to write short poems to express the wonder of life and always travel to the stars-islands of light. Star traveling spanned the majestic starlit skies over Mount Fuji-Japan, Daming Palace-Xi'an China, Lake Baikal-Russia, Atherton Forest-Australia, Tarapoto-Peru, Cozumel-Mexico, Yosemite National Park-California, and The Grand Canyon-Arizona.


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