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The author explores new domains of global mobility or new insights gained from re-examining establish cybersecurity topics. Further, the article demonstrates a focus on comprehensive up-to-date literature reviews while including qualitative methodology and touching on theoretical developments. Apple iOS and Android smartphone privacy/security are examined.

Due to an arguably decreased likelihood of total war and the recent focus on the reduction of collateral damage, the techniques used to affect maritime trade in past conflicts become less likely to be used and less desirable strategically. Without the willingness or ability to sink shipping on a large scale, it seems the modern merchant fleet is less vulnerable to the effects of maritime trade warfare. However, this book argues that effective and timely use of modern capabilities and techniques against an adversary's maritime trade provides the user with significant negotiating leverage during a limited war. Diplomacy in support of Maritime Interdiction Operations, cyber operations against enemy shipping infrastructure, the use of Maritime Exclusion Zones to interfere with shipping networks, and GPS jamming or spoofing of merchant vessels are discussed and analyzed for potential effectiveness. Finally, recommendations are made to allow the operational commander to prepare in peacetime for modern maritime trade warfare.

Inspirational Stars (Volume 1)

How Silicon Valley changed forever America's sociopolitical and Global Technology paradigms


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