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“The FACE -Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard is the open avionics standard for making military computing operations more robust, interoperable, portable and secure. The standard enables developers to create and deploy a wide catalog of applications for use across the entire spectrum of military aviation systems through a common operating environment.”

According to Defense Daily the “The five segments are as follows:

1. Operating System Segment (OSS) – foundational services provided by an Operating System; we will cover this in more detail below. The remaining four segments depend on the OSS and thus it is shown beneath the others in the diagram.

2. I/O Services Segment (IOSS) – normalizes the interface to I/O devices

3. Platform-Specific Services Segment (PSSS) – provides platform services, such as data services, logging, health management and graphics (interface to GPU)

4. Transport Services Segment (TSS) – provides communication services

5. Portable Components Segment (PCS) – offers capability or business logic

Key to constructing the system are the interfaces between these segments defined by the FACE TS. For the OSS we are interested in the supported APIs, and these fit into different profiles. These are Security, Safety, and General Purpose.

Security is most restricted and has a minimal set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for high assurance applications. Safety profile is a superset of the security profile, with more APIs, and is intended for applications that require safety certification, this also has 2 further profiles, Base and Extended.

General Purpose profile has most APIs and supports applications that do not necessarily need RT or deterministic response. To maintain commonality across different FACE component suppliers, solutions are tested against these API sets and given a certificate of conformance. For example, Wind River has FACE 2.1 conformance for VxWorks 653 Safety Base Profile, FACE 3.0 conformance for Helix Virtualization Platform (Security & Safety Base Profile) and FACE 3.0 for Wind River Linux (General Purpose Profile). In fact, Wind River VxWorks 653 was the first product to go through FACE certification, and Wind River Linux is the only Linux to achieve FACE Conformance.

The FACE standard builds on existing standards rather than creating new ones, so for the OSS it builds on the POSIX and ARINC 653 standards.

Contributors: Alex Wilson is Director of Aerospace and Defense Market Segment for Wind River, he is responsible for A&D market Segment in EMEA, APAC, and Japan. Steven H. VanderLeest is a Principal Engineer for Multicore Solutions at Rapita Systems.

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Richard Theodor Kusiolek is a technologist (ADA Bindings), strategist and managing Editor for GlobalMILCOMM Stream LLC. Kusiolek was a technologist and author of articles on Space and Cybersecurity. Kusiolek’s research focused on five issues: AI, Cyber Security, Defense Aviation, and Space.

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